Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crazy Eddie's Motie News endorses...

It's primary day in Kansas, Missouri, and Washington.  In any of these four states, VOTE!  However, if you live in SE Michigan, you get the benefit of my recommendations, which I link, pun intended, to the entries about the issues and candidates involved.  Follow over the jump for them.

Yes votes for SMART, Detroit Library, and Wayne RESA millages: I second the Free Press endorsements.  Vote for sustainability and against austerity.

Examiner.com article about Free Press and News endorsements:  I support some but not all of the Free Press endorsements.  For the Seventh District, I recommend voting in the Democratic primary; I have NEVER liked Walberg.  For the Twelfth District, I second the endorsement of Debbie Dingell.  For the Eighth, I'd vote for Susan Grettenberger in the Democratic primary.  I marched next to her in the Detroit water protest at Netroots Nation and really enjoyed her company.  For the Eleventh, I recommend Nancy Skinner.  I'd better; I volunteered for her and just finished putting out lawn signs for her!

Report on the 2014 Clawson 4th of July parade and Marching in the Clawson 4th of July parade again today: I showed up to volunteer for Skinner, but ended up passing out candy and campaign literature for Cyndi Peltonen, who is running for State Senate.  I just finished placing lawn signs for her, too, as the district of the seat she is running for overlaps that Nancy Skinner wants.

Examiner.com article on Detroit Regional Chamber endorsements: Another endorsement of Dingell along with Gary Peters, who is running unopposed, and a bunch of incumbents in the State House and State Senate from Washtenaw County, all of whom I support except Joe Hune.  Instead, I endorse Shari Pollesch, who I featured in Examiner.com article on Sierra Club endorsements.

Examiner.com article on petitions submitted for ballot initiatives: I don't like the Personal Property Tax, but I like what passes for a plan to replace it even less.  I've decided to vote no on Prop. 1 and hope for a better fix in the future.

That's it for the endorsements for this primary election.  Watch for my election coverage on Examiner.com starting tomorrow night.

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