Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Detroit's flooding made national headlines

I gave a very personal account of yesterday's record rainfall in This was my drive home tonight.  It's time to look at the bigger picture, beginning with News Wrap: Record rains soak Detroit suburbs from PBS NewsHour.

In our news wrap Tuesday, major Michigan interstates were closed after record-breaking rains caused flooding, shutting down General Motor’s tech center near Detroit. Also, the government of Russia dispatched a miles-long convoy of trucks toward the Ukrainian border under the auspices of a humanitarian aid mission to pro-Russian rebels.
Yes, metro Detroit's flooding and rains got top billing over Ukraine, Iraq, and a bunch of other stories.

Speaking of flooding being a top story, it was half of the 11 PM newscast over at WXYZ, who posted their coverage on YouTube as Flooding disaster in metro Detroit.

I was really venting last night, but this video shows that I got off easy.  At least I got home with a working car.

WXYZ has a lot more about the flooding and its aftermath, but I'll save them for later.  Instead, I'll share a link to WDIV's story Historic rain event slams metro Detroit.  It shows that yesterday was the second heaviest single-day rainfall in Detroit history, with 4.54 inches at Detroit Metro.  Earlier editions of this story listed totals of more than 5 inches in Warren and a Detroit Free Press infographic shows Berkley with 6 inches.  Those are the municipalities to my east and west, so no wonder I had such trouble yesterday!

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