Thursday, April 30, 2015

Overpopulation: student sustainability video festival 32

By the time this entry posts, I'll have given two final exams and will be in the middle of the last night of listening to my students give their presentations (ETA: Looks like this entry posted early, so all that is in the future; it's still time to begin this series).  That means it's time to pick up where I left off at Bottled water: student sustainability video festival 31 and feature the videos my students have used to illustrate their talks.  I begin with Overpopulation: The More the Merrier?

An animation film about the issue of overpopulation. More of my work can be found on
This video harkens back to the first video in Student sustainability video festival 5: previous years' winners, which was also A video gift from a student.

My students have provided me a bumper crop this semester, so expect high-quality video entries all the way up to Tuesday.  These will be on top of posts for Nablopomo, Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo, and the Revenge of the Sixth along with Entertainment Sunday and Monthly Meta for April.  Oh, and correcting final exams and calculating grades.  Looks like I'll be busy.

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