Wednesday, August 5, 2015 article on Democratic nominees for Ann Arbor City Council

Jack Eaton was the only incumbent Ann Arbor City Council member to win against a challenger supported by Mayor Chris Taylor.
Eaton For Council, with permission.
Challengers and incumbents split primary victories for Ann Arbor City Council
Ann Arbor City Council will see two new members this fall, as two incumbents fell in Tuesday's Democratic primary.  Zachary Ackerman edged out sitting council member Stephen Kunselman as the Democratic nominee for Ward 3, while Chip Smith handily unseated Mike Anglin in Ward 5.

Two other incumbents held on to their seats.  Sabra Briere easily fended off a challenge from Will Leaf in a quest to retain her seat in Ward 1.  Council member Jack Eaton had nearly as impressive a victory over challenger Jaime Magliera in Ward 4.
Ward 2 did not hold a primary, but it may add to the number of incumbents turned out of office this year.  Former council member Sally Hart Peterson is running as a Democrat against her former colleague and current incumbent Jane Lumm, who is running as an independent in the general election.  Lumm used to be a Republican in a city that now has no elected Republican officials.  Peterson lost her seat last fall when she ran unsuccessfully for Mayor.
Details of all four contests at the link.

As for the relationship between this entry and this month's theme, let's just say I know Michigan politics, including that of what counts as my former home town in Michigan.

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