Friday, August 14, 2015 article on Martin O'Malley in Ann Arbor

Martin O'Malley stopped in Ann Arbor for a fund raiser on his way to campaign in Iowa, where he is seen here at the Iowa State Fair.
Martin O'Malley stops in Ann Arbor on way to Iowa
Donald Trump was not alone in visiting Michigan this week.  One day after Trump spoke at a Republican event in Birch Run, Democratic contender Martin O'Malley paused in Ann Arbor for a fundraising event Wednesday evening.

O'Malley, a former Governor of Maryland, held his fundraiser at the Ann Arbor Brewing Company.  On his way in, he spoke to reporters about what he hoped to be able to do in Iowa.

“The history of our presidential primary shows us that usually there is an inevitable (early) front-runner, but only up until the very first contest. And then, especially in the Democratic Party, usually a candidate emerges who represents the voice of a new generation of Americans." O'Malley told the Detroit News.
Click on the link in the headline for more O'Malley quotes, remarks Debbie Dingell about Donald Trump at the event, and a video of O'Malley saying that Trump should campaign for the nomination of the Know-Nothing Party.  Even the Democrats can't stop talking about Donald Trump!

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