Sunday, August 9, 2015

WXYZ prepares for 2015 Dream Cruise

"Stay tuned for a preview of Dream Cruise, as the other half of Entertainment Sunday"--so ended Green Cruise for 2015.  It's time to follow through with what WXYZ has already posted on the event, beginning with EDITORIAL: Woodward Dream Cruise.

WXYZ is a big booster of the Dream Cruise which I've called an example of dopamine returned on gasoline invested, as an example of how tourism is good for the local economy.

Cruisers have already arrived on Woodward and are driving up and down the boulevard, as WXYZ reports in Countdown to the cruise.

Cruisers are already getting ready for the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise.
Follow over the jump for more examples from WXYZ of participants preparing themselves and their cars for this year's Dream Cruise.

WXYZ has three promotional spots masquerading as driver profiles, beginning with Mike the die-hard Chevy fan.

As the Woodward Dream Cruise nears, we talked to metro Detroit classic car buffs about their cars and the love of the cruise. Mike Patti tells us he's a "die-hard Chevy fan." Check out his '70 Chevelle and his '69 Nova.
Next, Jimmie and his '41 Chevy.

As the Woodward Dream Cruise nears, we're talking to some of metro Detroit's classic car lovers. Meet Jimmie Sutton and his 1941 Chevy.
Finally, Annette and her 1967 Camaro.

As the 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise nears, we caught up with some of metro Detroit's cruisers. Check out Annete Felk's classic '67 Camaro.
This concludes Entertaiment Sunday, but not this year's coverage of the Dream Cruise.  Stay tuned for more on the 20th anniversary of the first Dream Cruise.

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