Sunday, August 16, 2015

'Star Wars' alignment charts

I'm working on an involved analysis for this evening's entry, but I want to post something now for Entertainment Sunday.  So in the spirit of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' alignment chart, I present these "Star Wars" alignment charts.

This is probably the best available, but there are more famous characters that could have been used for both true neutral and lawful neutral.  Follow over the jump for charts that include them, but have other flaws.

This next one is perfect except for having Jar-Jar Binks as the chaotic evil example.  First, that's not his alignment.  Second, as a reader of Darths&Droids, I have too high an opinion of the character as presented there to jump on board the Jar-Jar hate for a cheap laugh.

The following one is better in its choices, but I'm not a fan of the images used.

The final one is my second favorite, but with all the villains available, why that droid for chaotic evil?

I should make my own version.  Until then, enjoy the memes!

ETA: No alignment chart meme of mine is complete without the appropriate music, so here is Taylor Davis with Duel Of The Fates from Episode 1.

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