Monday, August 24, 2015

Driving update for August 2015: Pearl

I promised a driving update at the end of Bottled water: Student sustainability video festival 43 and a driving update my readers shall receive.

Yesterday, my Prius passed 22,000 miles.  That means it's been exactly 30 days since I said Farewell Ruby, hello Prius!  The car, which I'm calling Pearl on the advice of not only my wife, but the plurality of readers leaving comments both at this blog and on my Facebook page, had 21,577 miles when we bought it, so I've driven it 14.1 miles per day or 430.1 miles per standard month since then.  That's on the low side of how much I had been driving Ruby.  I'm not surprised, as I'm only driving to one work location--no second teaching site and no meetings during the summer.  However, my gas consumption has improved, as Ruby consumed 25 miles per gallon, while Pearl ranges between 48 and 51 miles per gallon.  I used half as much gas now than I did before.  That makes me happy.

On that note, I'm sharing this video that my wife found as her response to my request for names, the Prius Family Hum Super Bowl Commercial.

I finally got around to my promise to blog about "commercials with science fiction, fantasy, or sustainability themes" from that year beyond just a Sodastream spot.  It only took me a year and a half.

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