Saturday, August 8, 2015 article on independent candidates for Ann Arbor City Council

Sally Hart Petersen, seen here submitting completed nominating petitions, is facing Jane Lumm in the only contested Ann Arbor City Council race in the general election.
Courtesy of Sally Hart Petersen for City Council with permission.
Only one independent running for Ann Arbor City Council
Tuesday's primary election may have determined the Democratic nominees for Ann Arbor City Council, but the final line-up wasn't determined until Thursday.  That's when the signatures on nominating petitions submitted by the 5 P.M. Wednesday deadline were checked to see if enough valid signatures had been collected.

Only one independent made the November ballot, Jane Lumm.  Lumm, who represents Ward 2, is currently the only sitting member of City Council who is not a Democrat.  She is facing a challenge from Sally Hart Petersen, a Democrat who had represented Ward 2 alongside Lumm from 2012-2014.

Another independent submitted signatures to the City Clerk, but failed to get on the ballot.  The Ann Arbor News reported late Thursday afternoon that Kevin Leeser submitted 104 signatures, but only 92 were of registered voters in Ward 5.  Leeser thus fell eight short of the 100 minimum required.
More details at the link, including someone trying and failing to circumvent Michigan's "sore loser law" and another potential candidate who failed to submit his petitions on time.  Who says municipal elections are boring?  Not me.

Consider the above a follow-up to article on Democratic nominees for Ann Arbor City Council.

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