Wednesday, May 4, 2016 article on school millage elections plus bonus Indiana coverage

Voters in Washtenaw County, Michigan went to the polls to vote on millage elections as the same time as the Indiana voters shown here.
Scott Olson, Getty Images
School millages passing in Washtenaw County while Ann Arbor schools are closed
While national attention was focused on the Indiana Primary, voters throughout Washtenaw County approved a millage increase for special education.  Those in Chelsea renewed a millage for construction, building repair, and site acquisition.

According to the Washtenaw County Clerk,  the proposal to increase the Washtenaw Intermediate School District's special education millage by 1.5 mills for ten years is winning by 19,071 yes votes (59.33 percent) to 13,072 no votes (40.67 percent) with ninety-six percent of precincts reporting.  The measure lost in Jackson County, where it earned 34 yes votes (46.58 percent) to 39 no votes (53.42 percent), a five-vote margin lost in the 6,000 vote lead for the measure in Washtenaw County.
The irony of today's vote for school funding was that Ann Arbor Public Schools closed its buildings because of safety concerns related to the election.  Twenty Ann Arbor schools serve as polling places.
That was the local election news.  Follow over the jump for the news from Indiana.

First, CNN reported Ted Cruz drops out of presidential race.

Sen. Ted Cruz announces to supporters in Indiana that he will drop out of the 2016 presidential race.
Good riddance, Agenda 21 paranoid!

That led to this next item, RNC: Donald Trump presumptive GOP nominee.

The Republican National Committee said via Twitter that they expect Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. CNN's Mark Preston reports.
Congratulations, Penguin!  The GOP nomination is all yours.

Finally, some good news for me from Wochit: Bernie Sanders Gains Surprise Indiana Victory.

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders tossed a last-minute obstacle in front of Hillary Clinton’s path toward the Democratic party nomination by getting a surprise victory in the Indiana primary. Despite being behind by an average of seven points in opinion polls and losing a series of larger, more diverse states on the east coast, Sanders once more proved his appeal to dissatisfied midwest voters by gaining his 18th victory of 2016, according to Associated Press projections.
The GOP race is basically over (John Kasich isn't going to stop Trump), but the Democratic contest still has some life in it, even though I expect Hillary Clinton will eventually win.  Until then, Feel The Bern!

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