Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tipsy Bartender drinks for Cinco De Mayo 2016

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!  Just like last year and the year before that, I'm celebrating the holiday by posting recipes from  Tipsy Bartender.  I begin with the most recent, the Cinco de Mayo Cadillac Margarita Bowl.

Your party will be insane with this CINCO DE MAYO CADILLAC MARGARITA!
1 Bottlw Tequila
1/2 Bottle Peach Schnapps
1/2 Bottle Triple Sec
1 Bottle Sour Mix
1 Bottle Orange Juice
1/4 Bottle Grand Marnier
Watermelon Slices
Orange Slices
Lemon Slices
Limes Slices
Follow over the jump for a classic from four years ago, which happens to be the one in the image at the top of this entry.

Now for a blast from the past, How to make the Cinco de Mayo Margarita.

If you're gonna party on May 5th then do it with....THE CINCO DE MAYO MARGARITA! This is a nice, fruity margarita with a nice blend of pineapple, cranberry, and lime juice flavors mixed in with tequila and Sprite. We make ours supersized in a giant margarita glass so it'll last us all night! We also rim the glass with green, white, and red sugar--the colors of the Mexican flag--to make it super festive!
4oz White Tequila
6oz Pineapple Juice
6oz Cranberry Juice
6oz Sprite
2oz Lime Juice
-Sugar Rimmed Glass

4 oz Tequila Blanco
6 oz Jugo de Piña
6 oz Jugo de Arándano
6 oz Sprite
2 oz Jugo de Lima
Escarcha con Azucar
There are lots more where these came from, but as I wrote in Tipsy Bartender Drinks for 4/20, "I'm going to be a good environmentalist and conserve my resources."  Besides, Emma's last line is perfect for ending this post--"¡Adios!"

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