Sunday, May 1, 2016

Tyrion Lannister ties Sanders and beats Clinton and Trump

Last December, I passed along the results of a poll in Obi-Wan Kenobi for President and Darth Vader beats Trump but not Clinton showing that Americans would prefer the fiction Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi over the real-life Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Last week, Survey Monkey released its own polls in advance of the season 6 premiere for "Game of Thrones."  The result?  More choose Tyrion Lannister for President over Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump.
Bernie Sanders and Tyrion Lannister neck-and-neck for President; Daenerys Targaryen beats Ted Cruz and Donald Trump

After a long and contentious primary season, we may finally have found someone who appeals to both Democrats and Republicans: Tyrion Lannister. We asked survey takers who they would prefer as President of the United States. Bernie Sanders and Tyrion Lannister were neck and neck, Hillary Clinton came in third, while Donald Trump was a distant fifth.

Only Bernie Sanders would have a chance against The Imp, while The Queen of Dragons would beat Donald Trump.  Now I wonder how Sanders would have fared against Yoda and Ben Kenobi.  Absent that poll, it's time to break out this campaign poster.

While Sanders and Trump supporters broke along expected liberal and conservative lines, Tyrion attracted support from across the political spectrum.

Oh, look, a uniter, not a divider!  As the meme I featured in Game of Thrones: 2012 Campaign Edition says about both Tyrion and Stephen Colbert:
Often underestimated as a joker.  Too cool for the job.  Would probably freakin' rock at it.
Despite the preference for fictional candidates over the real ones, Americans recognize our current system of government is preferable to that of the Seven Kingdoms.
But America still prefers the White House to the Iron Throne

Despite all the political frustration, 75% of respondents selected the United States as a better functioning government than the Seven Kingdoms. So while we may gripe about the government being broken and do-nothing Congress, things could be worse!

Yes, a democracy within a republic that channels handles its political conflict by the ballot instead of the bullet is better than a monarchy in the midst of civil war.  May we continue to keep it that way.

Enough of how the fictional characters from "Game of Thrones" would fare in our world.  For a silly examination of how this election's real candidates would fit into the Seven Kingdoms, I recommend Trump is coming and he's building a wall, which concludes with this picture worth 1000 words.

For a more serious discussion, read This professor determines which presidential candidates would be in Game of Thrones from Vox.  It agrees with the above picture that Trump would be a Lannister pretending to be a Baratheon.  So would Clinton on the Democratic side.

Americans may want a Lannister, but it looks like Tyrion won't be on the ballot this November.  Darn.


  1. Tyrion / Snow 2016: The Bastards of the Beltway

    1. That's a good slogan, except that Tyrion is a bastard in reputation only; he's just as legitimate as his brother and sister. It's Snow who is a bastard, even if he is a nice guy.

  2. Oh great now you'll expect me to craft Honest Bumper Stickers for Tyrion / Snow and Cersei / Pycelle.

    You know damn well I'm rooting Dany / Arya... I don't care if Arya isn't 35 years old yet, neither is Khaleesi.


    1. I'm not going to stop you. Besides, Westeros isn't America. For starters, it's a monarchy and there is no age requirement to sit on the Iron Throne--just look at Joffrey.