Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day from the White House

Happy Mother's Day!  For this year's celebration, I'm deferring to President and Mrs. Obama.  I begin with yesterday's Weekly Address: Happy Mother’s Day From President Obama.

In this week's address, President Obama recognized all mothers in celebration of this upcoming Mother's Day, including First Lady Michelle Obama.
Follow over the jump for three more videos from last year's celebration at the White House.

First, A Mother's Day Surprise from President Obama.

President Obama calls three unsuspecting mothers who had written to him recently to wish them a happy Mother's Day.
Next, Weekly Address: The First Lady Marks Mother's Day and Speaks Out on the Tragic Kidnapping in Nigeria.

In this week's address, First Lady Michelle Obama honored all mothers on this upcoming Mother's Day and offered her thoughts, prayers and support in the wake of the unconscionable terrorist kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian girls.
The terrorists responsible aren't Daesh AKA The Sith Jihad, but their allies, and they demonstrate one of the reasons I detest them.

Finally, a happier video to conclude today, The First Lady and Dr. Biden Host their Mother's Day Tea to Honor Military-Connected Mothers.

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden host their annual Mother’s Day tea to honor military-connected mothers at the White House. As part of their Joining Forces initiative, Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden deliver brief remarks in the East Room followed by a musical performance by Ben Folds. At the event, the First Lady and Dr. Biden also help military kids create homemade gifts for their mothers and grandmothers. May 8, 2015.
There's a card for the cause being championed.

Once again, Happy Mother's Day!

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