Sunday, May 1, 2016

A big top drum corps maypole for May Day

Happy May Day and Blessed Beltane!  Once again, I'm putting my distinctive spin on the holiday by posting about drum corps maypoles.  This year, I stretch things a bit by showing a maypole being used as a proxy for a circus tent.  Take it away, 1981 Bridgemen!

The Bridgemen’s seventh-place production commenced with Julius Fucik’s “Thunder and Blazes,” written in 1897 and perhaps the most popular circus march ever. Originally titled “Grande Marche Chromatique” and often referred to as “Entry of the Gladiators,” the title “Thunder and Blazes” was given to the piece by Canadian composer Louis-Philippe Laurendeau in 1910 when he arranged it for wind band.
That was fun!

I could do this one more time, and that would be if I can find a video of the 1978 Santa Clara Vanguard dancing around the maypole.  I have a year to find it.  I can always hope someone will upload one.  Anyone, anyone, Bueller, anyone?


  1. ok, I'll drop in this one. I marched Guardsmen in 78.....wait for 8:45 and Poet and Peasant......

    1. I should excerpt that video before DCI makes a copyright claim to have it pulled down.