Sunday, May 15, 2016

Detroit TV on Motor City Comic Con 2016

For today's Sunday entertainment feature, I'm going to do for Motor City Comic Con what I did for Youmacon a year and a half ago, explore the convention through the eyes of Detroit's media.  This year, I'll focus on how the local television stations cover it.  They seem to love it, with WXYZ, WJBK, and WWJ all uploading multiple reports to their YouTube channels on the event.  The most came from WXYZ,* who began hyping it a week in advance with Motor City Comic Con 2016 to be held May 13-15 in Novi.

BAM! POW! WOW! Motor City Comic Con 2016 gears up for its 27th annual, three-day, celebrity-filled metro Detroit comic event.

Video in this story comes from
The promotion continued on Friday with Motor City Comic Con happening this weekend.

Motor City Comic Con is going on all weekend long at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi.
Follow over the jump for another promotional segment plus more reports from the convention floor.

"Star Wars" is not primarily a comic book franchise, although there are Star Wars comics, but one of the supporting actors from the first movie filmed is a guest and was interviewed by WXYZ.

May The Force be with you, Biggs, and beware the Dark Side!

On the other hand, "The Walking Dead" did begin as a comic book series before it became a television phenomenon, so the series is well represented, as WXYZ was Talking with two stars of The Walking Dead.

Syma Chowdhry speaks with two stars of The Walking Dead at Motor City Comic Con.
WJBK also interviewed both actors, beginning with Alexandra Breckenridge at the The Motor City Comic Con 2016.

Alexandra Breckenridge or Jessie from "The Walking Dead" (RIP) chatted with Jay Towers at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi.
That segment felt like it could have happened on "The Talking Dead."

Now for Michael Cudlitz at Motor City Comic Con 2016.

Michael Cudlitz, better known as Abraham on "The Walking Dead" spoke to Jay Towers at the Motor City Comic Con in Novi.
Cudlitz's wisecrack about a Trump convention turns out to be closer to the truth than he realizes.  WWJ's Bill McAllister Asks Motor City Comic Con Goers Who They're Voting For shows why.

Bernie, Clinton or Trump?
Bernie Sanders won among this group, while Trump got one vote.  No one wanted to support Clinton.  As Captain Jack Sparrow would say, that's interesting, that's very interesting.

*WYXZ's coverage continues with segments about merchandise, art, artists, more artists, bonus artists, and local artists.  Click on the links to watch.


  1. Did you attend? I'll be showing up at the Orlando MegaCon meself...

    1. I thought about it, but it was more important to do grown up things like buy furniture that matches the new flooring. Instead of walking around the con, my wife and I walked around Pier 1 and Ikea. We probably would have walked less at the con than Ikea.

  2. I watched some of these a couple of days ago but never got around to commenting. I had no idea Detroit had so much of this kind of thing going on. Cosplay fascinates me even though I could never pull it off myself -- it's remarkable what some people achieve with their costumes.

    One vote for Trump? Must have been some otaku who thinks Trump is a comic-book villain. Couldn't blame them.

    Checked out your earlier post as well. If the news stations are going to cover Youmacon, they should at least send someone who knows how youma is pronounced. It's actually a kind of funny name, though, considering what the -kon suffix actually means in Japanese.

    1. "[I]t's remarkable what some people achieve with their costumes."

      I've seen it up close and personal. The two roommates I had before I met my wife were a couple who cosplayed. Their sewing table sat right next to my computer. I watched costumes being designed and made from start to finish. They were also friends with the guy who founded and runs Youmacon, who was a frequent guest.

      As for the Trump fan, nah, she impressed me as more of a standard comic book movie/Walking Dead fan than an anime otaku, although I've run into quite a few of those, including the male ex-roommate, who were quite conservative. Wonkette makes fun of the Trump otaku here and here.