Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The party starts as Michigan recount begins as ordered

Yesterday, I wrote "get this party started!"  It did, as Fox 47 in Lansing reported in Ingham County presidential recount is underway.

Ingham was the first county to start recounting presidential ballots on Monday, finishing the day with about a fourth of precincts counted.
Oakland County also started hand-counting ballots yesterday, which WXYZ mentioned in Presidential vote recount begins today in Wayne and Macomb counties.

That a third of precincts in Detroit may be ineligible for a recount is not good news for anyone having their hopes up that this recount will change the result of the election.  If anything, Trump's lead may increase because of it.  It also makes me even less enamored of both Janice Winfrey, the Detroit City Clerk, and Cathy M. Garrett, the Wayne County Clerk.  Neither one of them appears to be running a tight ship, or otherwise these kinds of irregularities would happen so frequently.  If either ever is up for nomination at a Michigan Democratic Convention for Secretary of State, I'm not voting for them and might just see if I could join a group to recruit another candidate.  Barb Byrum in Ingham County or Lisa Brown in Oakland County, the first two counties to participate in the recount, would be my choices.

As for the hearing in Lansing and the appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, stay tuned.  This party might end prematurely.

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