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Speculative fiction in the movies for 2016 at the Critics' Choice Awards

I made the aside that "the Critics' Choice Television Awards don't recognize speculative fiction shows separately from other scripted shows (the movie awards do, but that's a story for next time)" in the introduction to Speculative fiction on television for 2016 at the Critics' Choice Awards.  It's next time, so I'm starting today's entry about the Critics' Choice Movie Awards with the films nominated in the main speculative fiction category.
10 Cloverfield Lane
Doctor Strange
Don’t Breathe
Star Trek Beyond
The Witch
I'd say the favorite in this group is "Arrival."  Not only was it nominated in this category, it was nominated in nine others, including Best Picture, Best Actress (Amy Adams), Best Director (Denis Villeneuve), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Score (Jóhann Jóhannsson).  If a picture is nominated in a genre category and it's also the only also nominated for Best Picture, that's a clear sign the critics love it.  However, it probably won't win Best Picture, as it tied with "Moonlight" and has two nominations fewer than "La La Land."  One of those two, probably "Moonlight," will likely walk away with the trophy next Sunday.

As for the second most nominated movie in Sci-Fi/Horror, it was also the second most nominated movie in the next category.
Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange
Hacksaw Ridge
Jason Bourne
Yes, "Doctor Strange" received double nominations for Sci-Fi/Horror and Action.  It also earned consideration in four other categories, Best Actor In An Action Movie (Benedict Cumberbatch), Best Actress In An Action Movie (Tilda Swinton), Best Hair & Makeup, and Best Visual Effects.  While it may not be my favorite in this category (that's "Deadpool"), it's the superhero movie the critics most enjoyed.  Unfortunately, it won't be the nominee most likely to win.  That honor will probably go to "Hacksaw Ridge," which was nominated for seven awards including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actor in an Action Movie for Andrew Garfield.  "Doctor Strange" and Benedict Cumberbach won't be able to beat that.

Speaking of "Deadpool," both the film and its star Ryan Reynolds were double nominated in both Action and Comedy for a total of four nominations.  Not even "Central Intelligence" and Dwayne Johnson could pull that feat off, earning one nomination each in Comedy.

Follow over the jump for more speculative fiction films among the Critics' Choice Awards nominees.

Tying "Deadpool" for total nominations was Harry Potter spinoff, "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" with four nominations, Best Production Design, Best Costume Design, Best Hair & Makeup, and Best Visual Effects.  It didn't even make the cut for best movie in any category, but it certainly got recognized for technical achievment.

"Captain America: Civil War" may have been the top grossing superhero movie this year, but it came in third in nominations with three.  In addition to Best Action Movie, it earned nominations for Best Actor in an Action Movie (Chris Evans) and Best Actress In An Action Movie (Scarlett Johansson).

The list of speculative fiction movies with nominations kicks off with "Star Trek Beyond."  In addition to Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie, it got a nomination for Best Hair & Makeup.  After watching the movie, I'd say it earned it.

Another speculative fiction movie with two nominations is "A Monster Calls."  Lewis MacDougall was recognized for Best Young Actor/Actress and the movie itself was nominated for Best Visual Effects, another category rich in speculative fiction nominees.

Before listing the rest, I'm sharing another category that is almost entirely speculative fiction, especially fantasy.
Finding Dory
Kubo and the Two Strings
The Red Turtle
Forget what I wrote in Speculative fiction in movies at the People's Choice Awards 2017; remove "Trolls" and this is the likely Oscar field for Feature Length Animation.  Of these two, Moana and Trolls have second nominations for Best Song.

Finally, here are the speculative fiction films with one nomination that didn't get nominations for best film in their genre, whether it's Sci-Fi/Horror, Action, or Animation.
  • "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" -- Best Actress In An Action Movie (Gal Gadot).
  • "Ghostbusters" -- Best Actress In A Comedy (Kate McKinnon).
  • "Suicide Squad" -- Best Actress In An Action Movie (Margot Robbie).
  • "The Jungle Book" -- Best Visual Effects.
  • "The Lobster" -- Best Original Screenplay.
If my readers were counting, there were only four women nominated for Best Actress in an Action Movie, all of them in superhero movies.  I'm surprised.  No Amy Adams along with Gal Gadot?  No Morena Baccarin from "Deadpool?"  Huh.

That's it for entertainment this weekend.  I promise to return to reality tomorrow.

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