Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dueling rulings mean Michigan recount continues for now

I concluded The party starts as Michigan recount begins as ordered with "As for the hearing in Lansing and the appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, stay tuned.  This party might end prematurely."  WXYZ has news on both court hearings in Dueling rulings confuse recount.

Dueling court rulings are confusing the current status of the Michigan presidential recount.
Mark Brewer is right, the federal courts have primacy over state courts, so the recount continues, as WOOD-TV reports in Presidential election recount underway in West Michigan.

Throughout the state, local clerks are keeping one eye on the recount and one eye on the courtroom.
All parties involved (pun intended) will be back in the same federal court that ordered the recount to begin on Monday to argue their cases.  Stay tuned.

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