Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Michigan recount is on!

When "I promise[d] to return to reality after midnight" at the end of One last People's Choice nominees entry about songs in speculative fiction movies, I was hoping to post that Jill Stein had indeed filed for a recount in Michigan yesterday.  I got my wish, as WOOD-TV reported last night Jill Stein officially requests presidential vote recount in Michigan.

The first statewide recount Michigan has had to complete in 60 years could begin as early as Friday.
WXYZ has more on the Stein campaign's rationale along with quotes from the press conference in Michigan recount to get underway

Michigan will soon be recounting the presidential election.
It's on!  As the WOOD-TV reporter noted, all three states would have to flip to Clinton to change the outcome, which is exceedingly unlikely.  However, it's worth doing just as an audit of the election.

Follow over the jump for more details in reports from Tuesday.

WXYZ accurately predicted that the Michigan recount would begin Friday.

A recount of Michigan's presidential election is set to begin on Friday.
The undercount is suspicious, but I'm not surprised, as both candidates at the top of the ballot were unpopular.  I bet a lot of people couldn't be bothered to pick a minor party candidate to vote for as a protest.  On the other hand, I'm glad to see that the Board of Elections was open to the idea of the recount and confident that the election was valid.

By the way, Jill Stein's lawyer Mark Brewer used to be the Michigan Democratic Party Chair.  By the end of his term of office, I was ready to vote him out, but he resigned just before that would have happened.  I was relieved.  As my readers could figure out, I was less than impressed with him at the time.  However, he has proven to be a good lawyer who knows his election law.  Stein couldn't do much better as an advocate for her and Clinton couldn't do better for someone who can keep an eye on Stein.  *Snerk*

WOOD-TV has more on the mechanics of how one county will be handling the recount in Kent Co. clerks prepare for recount.

Kent County Clerk Mary Hollinrake says with the holidays closing in, recruiting trained election workers for the recount hasn’t been easy.
Yes, Michigan will be conducting a hand recount.  That gives me more confidence in the results.

Stay tuned.  I promise to keep my readers updated on this story.


  1. Thanks for the info on the recount. That's exciting for Michigan. Your speculative fiction songs made me think of the opening of The Prisoner. Fantastic show.

    1. Trump and the Republican Party have objected. Let's see if they prevail, in which case my optimism was premature.

      Thanks for linking to that opening. It's been decades since I've seen that show.

  2. Politicians are really good at wasting time and money.

    1. Yeah, Benghazi.

      If you mean the recount, just wait for today's news.

    2. And here's today's news for all of my readers coming here from the Coffee Party USA Facebook page and Mike's Blog Round-up at Crooks&Liars: Michigan recount still on as Trump fails to stop it while Schuette still trying. Stay tuned as the drama continues.