Wednesday, May 17, 2017

'Game of Thrones' vs. 'Outlander' at the Saturn Awards

I wrote that I might "post my last entry about the nominees, which could be as early as tomorrow" to conclude 'Deadpool' vs. 'Suicide Squad' at the Saturn Awards plus movie nomination leftovers.  I could do that today, as I have already posted three entries about television nominees, A Saturn Awards nomination for 'Star Wars Rebels' plus music from 'Rogue One' for the Revenge of the Sixth, 'The Walking Dead' vs. 'Westworld' at the 2017 Saturn Awards, and 'Stranger Things' and 'The Walking Dead' win at MTV Movie & TV Awards, leaving only four categories that I haven't covered yet.  However, I'm having too much fun to finish now.  Instead, I'm featuring "Game of Thrones" vs. "Outlander" today.  From Slashfilm.
Best Fantasy Television Series

Game of Thrones
The Good Place
The Magicians
I'm a lot happier with this year's nominees for fantasy than last year.  There appears to be a lot less confusion about the better fantasy shows, although I think "The Leftovers" is still being overlooked and "The Librarians" is miscatgorized as action.  That given, I'm not going to vote the way I expected to last year.  Then, I was planning on voting for "Game of Thrones," the conventional choice, especially as it has won a record 39 Emmy Awards over its run.  However, "Outlander" won instead.  The show also beat "Game of Thrones" for Favorite Premium Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series at the People's Choice Awards.  I fully expect "Outlander" to win again, but I'm not voting for either show.  Instead, I'm going to vote for "Lucifer," which is one of two shows that my wife and I watch regularly, the other being "Beyond."  I don't expect it to win, but it deserves my love.

"Outlander" is nominated for three other awards, Sam Heughan for Best Actor on a Television Series, Caitriona Balfe for Best Actress on a Television Series, and Dominique Pinon for Best Guest Performance on a Television Series.   "Game of Thones" has two other nominations, with Lena Headey competing directly with Balfe for Best Actress on a Television Series and Kit Harrington nominated for Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series.  As of now, I'm not voting for any of them, although I could be persuaded to change my vote for Best Actress on a Television Series from Kim Dickens to Balfe.

Speaking of voting, here are the instructions on how to vote.
Speaking of "this electorate," my readers and I have a chance to change its composition.  Click here to apply for an affiliate membership.  At $25, one can vote for the best films and television shows.  At $40, one can vote for all categories.  I'm paying $40.  I hope my readers do, too.
That's it for today.  Stay tuned for superhero shows beating each other up and the rest of the nominees tomorrow.

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