Monday, May 8, 2017

Two songs and a poster for loser Le Pen

While I've been busy with Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo, Revenge of the Sixth, and 'The Walking Dead' vs. 'Westworld' at the 2017 Saturn Awards, France was reaching the climax of its presidential campaign.  Yesterday, it held the election and the result was Macron wins French presidential election over LePen by a landslide.  Take it away, ABC News!

Thousands of supporters waved French flags and cheered in front of the Louvre.
Note the Trump support for Le Pen before the election.  Nonnie9999 mocked that in Le Pen and La Pencildick a couple of weeks ago.

"I'm with Stupid" -- where have I seen that before?  Since I'm a good environmentalist, I recycled the idea in a comment.
“I’m with stupid”–I have a song for that. It’s even about the trans-Atlantic relationships between politicians.

“A moron” and “A billion dollar kid.” Perfect!
I surprised Nonnie9999 with the selection.  She loved it, then saw me and raised me.
OMG! I never heard that song before. That was perfect!!!! Here’s another little song for Le Pen and Le Pencildick:

I know that song, having used it in I was in a foul mood until I watched this video after Scott Walker survived his recall.  My opinion of it hasn't changed over the past five years, as I told Nonnie9999 "That’s the perfect song to tell off far-right politicians and media figures."  She agreed.  Now all she and I have to do is get Americans to sing this characteristically British song after every Republican town hall or public appearance.  Wish us luck!

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