Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bill Nye cited the Constitution to justify the March for Science on Colbert's show

I'm not done with the March for Science.  Bill Nye went on Colbert's show last night and, among other things, explained why The March For Science was necessary">

'Bill Nye Saves the World' star says current administration isn't upholding the U.S. Constitution's promise to 'promote the progress of science and useful arts.'
That's an angle I hadn't thought of, but Nye was right to use it.  It helps show how abnormal this administration really is.

The U.S. Constitution isn't the only reason Nye has given for the March for Science.  Here's another.

I agree with this explanation, too.  In fact, it's among the reasons I marched on Earth Day, again at the People's Climate March the next Saturday, and why I'll be marching again at the next protest I support.  To a better tomorrow for everyone!


  1. I wish Colbert had let Nye finish explaining about the disco glitter solar spaceship. That's definitely a side of ourselves we should be showing to the universe.

    I'll credit anyone with "useful arts" if they can make steam come out of Trump's nose when he talks.

    1. Oh, the solar sail? That's a cool idea. As for steam coming out of Trump's nose, all he has to do is put a marshmallow dipped in liquid nitrogen in his mouth and breathe out.

      BTW, I found out that mentioning Bill Nye makes wingnuts froth at the mouth. I had three of them on my Facebook page attacking him when I posted the link.