Tuesday, May 16, 2017

'Deadpool' vs. 'Suicide Squad' at the Saturn Awards plus movie nomination leftovers

I've already posted twice about the Saturn Award movie nominees, first in 'Rogue One' at the Saturn Awards for Star Wars Day and again in yesterday's 'Hidden Figures' wins two MTV Movie Awards.  Last year, I was able to finish the movie nominees in three entries, so I should be able to do the same this year.  So with no further ado, here are the rest of the movie nominees from Slashfilm, beginning with the ones for "Deadpool" and "Suicide Squad."
Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange
Suicide Squad
X-Men: Apocalypse
I'll remind my readers what I wrote in 'Suicide Squad' vs. 'Deadpool' at the Razzies and Oscars about how I expect "Deadpool" will fare: "I'm sure it will get its revenge by winning the Saturn Award for Best Comic to Motion Picture Release, where it will handily beat "Suicide Squad," which is also nominated."   It should come as no surprise that I plan on voting for "Deadpool" in this category.

Continuing with "Deadpool," its star is nominated in the next category.
Best Actor in a Film

Chris Evans (Captain America: Civil War)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange)
Chris Pratt (Passengers)
Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
Mark Rylance (The BFG)
Chris Pine (Star Trek Beyond)
Matthew McConaughey (Gold)
Out of this field, I'm voting for Reynolds.  He deserves it.

Now for "Suicide Squad" and the rest of the superhero movies.
Best Supporting Actress in a Film

Scarlett Johansson (Captain America: Civil War)
Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange)
Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad)
Kate McKinnon (Ghostbusters)
Betty Buckley (Split)
Bryce Dallas Howard (Gold)
As I wrote about Best Actress in a Film, this is an outstanding field.  I'd be happy with just about any one of them, but I'm voting for Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

Finally, "Deadpool" was nominated for Best Film Screenplay and "Suicide Squad" for Best Film Make-Up to tie the two movies at three nominations each.  I'm voting for "Arrival" for the first category, but wouldn't be upset if "Deadpool" won and I've decided to change my vote to "Suicide Squad" for the second.

Follow over the jump for the rest of the nominees.

And now, the rest of the best film categories.
Best Fantasy Film Release

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The Jungle Book
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
A Monster Calls
Pete’s Dragon
I thought last year's Fantasy Film nominees reflected a weak year for fantasy films.  This year's nominees look a lot stronger to me, reflecting a good year for fantasy at the cinema.  The two films that earned Academy Awards were "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and "The Jungle Book."  Of the two, I'm voting for "Fantastic Beasts," which I thought was better than my second choice, "Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children."  I'll recommend the latter for the otherwise bereft "Penny Dreadful" fans, as Eva Green is one of the stars.
Best Horror Film Release

The Autopsy of Jane Doe
The Conjuring 2
Don’t Breathe
Ouija: Origin of Evil
Train to Busan
The Witch
The highest grossing of the lot was "The Conjuring 2" with just slightly more than $100 million in domestic box office, but I saw it and wasn't impressed.  I think "Don't Breathe" had a better premise, so I might vote for it instead.
Best Thriller Film Release

10 Cloverfield Lane
The Accountant
The Girl on the Train
Jason Bourne
Hell or High Water
The Shallows
I consider "10 Cloverfield Lane," "The Shallows," and "Split" to be non-supernatural horror films with the first to be the best of the trio.  However, I'm voting for a more conventional thriller, "The Girl on the Train."  Even more conventional would be "Hell or High Water," which was nominated for Best Film at the Academy Awards.
Best Independent Film Release

Eye in the Sky
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
La La Land
The Ones Below
"La La Land," the movie that almost won the Oscar for Best Film, could win this category and with a more conventional electorate, it probably would.  I'd vote for either it or "Lion," which comes highly recommended.  However, the most science-fictional of the bunch is "Eye in the Sky," so it might have a good chance with the Saturn voters.
Best International Film Release

The Handmaiden
In Order of Disappearance
The Mermaid
Shin Godzilla
Under the Shadow
"Elle" would be the conventional choice, as it earned an Oscar nomination.  However, this crowd might better appreciate the fantasy of "The Mermaid," the horror of "Under the Shadow," or the science-fiction thrills of "Shin Godzilla."  I would vote for "Under the Shadow," but I think "Shin Godzilla" would most appeal to the Saturn electorate.
Best Animated Film Release

Finding Dory
Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV
I'm voting for "Zootopia," but the Saturn electorate might vote for "Finding Dory" just to rectify it not even being nominated for the Oscar while being the highest grossing animated film last year, topping a field from a great year for animated films.

That's all for the movie nominees.  Stay tuned for the rest of the television nominations.

ETA: I forgot to post the instructions on how to vote!
Speaking of "this electorate," my readers and I have a chance to change its composition.  Click here to apply for an affiliate membership.  At $25, one can vote for the best films and television shows.  At $40, one can vote for all categories.  I'm paying $40.  I hope my readers do, too.
I've already paid my $40 and will vote as soon as I post my last entry about the nominees, which could be as early as tomorrow.


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