Friday, May 12, 2017

Today in climate change on YouTube

Sometimes, it feels like the universe is speaking to me.  Of course, it's just my newsfeed, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't listen.  Today, what it's telling me is that climate change is becoming more of a risk.  Here are the videos about climate change that appeared on my subscription page just today, beginning with WatchMojo's Top 10 Signs Climate Change Is Worse Than Ever.

Climate change is taking a serious toll on the planet earth, and whether is man-made or as a result of natural causes, there's no denying that it's worse then ever. WatchMojo presents the top 10 signs that climate change is worse than ever. Severe wildfires, melting glaciers and extreme weather rank amongst the top of these foreboding signs.
00:32 #10. Rising Sea Levels
01:19 #9. Oceans Are Becoming More Acidic
02:08 #8. Marine Wildlife Is Rapidly Declining
02:57 #7. Weather Conditions are Shifting
03:49 #6. Temperatures Around the World are Increasing
04:32 #5. CO2 Emissions Have Permanently Crossed a Threshold
05:26 #4. Arctic Ice Is Disappearing
06:11 #3, #2, #1 ???
That's the overview.  Follow over the jump for more videos about specific examples.

The video that first attracted my attention to the topic this morning was Newsy's Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers.

Global warming has had a huge negative impact on Glacier National Park's glaciers.
Al Gore himself said in "An Inconvenient Truth" that Glacier National Park could become the Park Formerly Known as Glacier.  This video shows that he's very likely to be right.

The next Newsy video about the subject was 'Climate gentrification' affecting US cities.

As sea levels rise, some individuals in coastal cities are moving away from the ocean and are pushing out longtime residents elsewhere.
The Newsy videos referred back to two of the signs from the WatchMojo top ten, rising sea levels and melting glaciers.  The following video from Wochit News describes an effect on human health: Climate Change And How It's Affecting Allergies.

According to scientists, Climate Change is causing seasonal allergy symptoms to worsen. Dr. Richard Weber, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, stated, “With the combination of increased temperature and cabin dioxide, we are seeing a dramatic change, and allergy sufferers can probably feel that change. We are experiencing longer allergy seasons, earlier onset and there is just more pollen in the air.” This is one of the many reasons why scientists everywhere are advocating the fight against climate change.
As for the official U.S. Government response, the Associated Press included it in Arctic Meeting Puts Climate Change in Spotlight.

High-level officials from the world's eight Arctic nations are meeting in Alaska amid concerns about the future of the sensitive region after President Donald Trump called for more oil drilling and development.
Tillerson is trying to sound reasonable and reassuring, but he's failing.  The time to not rush to a decision was twenty years ago.  Now is not that time.

And that was just one day's videos from one person's subscriptions.  I wonder what my readers see when they look at YouTube.  Tell me in the comments.


  1. I don't have a newsfeed or rely much on YouTube for news, but this is all consistent with what I read on the subject.

    Many of the world's major countries are getting really serious about cutting carbon emissions, but having efforts in the US obstructed by the Republican minority-rule regime is a real setback.

    I have a feeling that at some point we'll be forced to adopt radical planetary-engineering solutions, like covering the whole Sahara Desert with mirrors or seeding the ocean with dissolved iron to stimulate plankton growth. The latter would devastate the oceanic ecosystems, but they're probably beyond saving anyway.

    One error in the WatchMojo video -- the melting of ice in the Arctic Ocean won't contribute to rising sea levels, since that ice is floating. They may have been thinking of the Greenland ice cap.

    1. Thanks for responding.

      I've written about geoengineering in Hacking the Planet and Greenfinger. I'm apprehensive about the prospect. It didn't help that one of my favorite science fiction movies of 2014 was Snowpiercer, which resulted when a geoengineering project went horribly right.

      Good catch on the WatchMojo video. I think you are right on what was meant, not actually said.