Wednesday, May 24, 2017

R.I.P. Roger Moore

Almost five years ago, I explained why I blog about James Bond.
First, this blog is about science fiction as much as it is about collapse.  In that vein, the James Bond movies, even more so than the books, qualify, as they are really science fiction films set 20 minutes into the future.  As science fiction, the films both celebrate the latest technology and explore in a very escapist fashion a current technological, scientific, or even environmental issue that is a source of societal anxiety.  Keeping that ambivalence in mind while watching a Bond film makes it a more intellectually interesting experience, at least for me.  See if it works for you, too.

Second, Bond has averted the near total extinction of humanity at least twice, as well as defused other situations that could have resulted in World War III several other times.  Because of these 'good deeds,' he qualifies as an honorary Crazy Eddie.  That alone makes the films worthy of discussion.
Both of those times that Bond saved humanity happened when Roger Moore played the role, first in "The Spy Who Loved Me" and again in "Moonraker," the two films in the franchise that are most obviously science fiction and therefore two of my favorite Bond outings.  Thus it is with sadness that I pass along CNN's James Bond actor Roger Moore dies.

Roger Moore, who gained worldwide stardom playing James Bond in seven installments of the franchise, died at the age of 89. CNN's Sara Sidner looks back at his life and career.
Speaking of Moore's wit and smooth delivery, CNN shared some of Roger Moore's best James Bond one-liners.

Sir Roger Moore portrayed the character of James Bond in seven "007" films with a biting wit all his own.
Bond lives on, but his funniest actor has passed.  R.I.P.

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