Friday, May 8, 2020

John Oliver and Vox on coronavirus testing

Only two weeks ago, I posted John Oliver and Washington Post examine coronavirus misinformation. It's time for an update on the COVID-19 pandemic from John Oliver with this week's Coronavirus VI: Testing from "Last Week Tonight."

As experts encourage widespread coronavirus testing, John Oliver discusses exactly how much testing the US has done, the difference between diagnostic and antibody tests, and why we need to do more.
Oliver showed how South Korea is slowly returning to normal, including their high rate of testing and how the country is starting to play baseball, albeit in front of stands empty of actual people. To see how the country got there, watch Vox's The big lesson from South Korea's coronavirus response.

Testing and tracing were the key to slowing the spread of coronavirus.
In South Korea, citizens have flattened the curve of the novel coronavirus -- and it's because of lessons they learned from fighting the MERS outbreak in 2015. Through a combination of aggressive and widespread testing measures, along with a system know as “contact tracing,” they’ve been better positioned to spot the path of the virus and curb its spread. While they are still vigilant for a second wave of Covid-19 cases, people in South Korea are slowly returning to public life. Watch the video above to find out how their testing and contact tracing measures work, and how it can be a lesson for countries still in lockdown.
I agree with Oliver that the U.S. needs more testing and that we should follow South Korea's example. Whether we do remains to be seen.

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