Thursday, December 10, 2020

Serious and silly videos about Hanukkah from National Geographic, Jimmy Kimmel, and the Disney Channel

The sun set just before I starting writing this entry, so happy Hanukkah to my readers! To celebrate this festive winter holiday, I'm sharing three videos, beginning with National Geographic's serious treatment of the subject, Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights Starts Tonight.

Hanukkah, which begins at one of the most joyous of Jewish holidays. Learn more about the traditions and history behind the Festival of Lights known as Hanukkah (also spelled Chanukah). The celebration lasts for eight nights and days each year around the same time as Christmas.

Hanukkah is about more than latkes and dreidels. What new facts did you learn about the history of this holiday?
Other than the lack of spoken narration, I thought that was a very good explanation of the history and current practice of the holiday. For some comic explanations, I'm sharing Kids Tell Us What They Know About Hanukkah from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Tonight is the second night of Hanukkah and while Christmas gets all of the attention, Hanukkah is important too. Most children are familiar with the story of Christmas, but they are less educated about the miracle of Hanukkah. So we went out on the street and asked kids who don't celebrate Hanukkah to tell us what they know about it.
That was cute and silly. It also worked really well for me, as it ended in a hip-hop rendition of the start of a Hanukkah song. That leads right into Daveed Diggs - Puppy for Hanukkah from Disney Channel.

I want a puppy for Hanukkah! And I'm gonna get just what I wanted!??Check out Daveed Digg's official music video ""Puppy for Hanukkah!""
Now, that's a hip-hop Hanukkah song I can get behind, song by a member of the cast of "Hamilton." Better yet, there is a lyric video that I can use next year. Nothing like being an environmentalist who conserves his resources!

Once again, happy Hanukkah!

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