Friday, December 18, 2020

Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel take closer looks at Trump saying he won't leave the White House

As I wrote yesterday, "I was planning on continuing the Student Sustainability Video Festival series today..." This time, my excuse was that I couldn't find a video that inspired me enough. Instead, I'm returning to posting late night talk show hosts, my other go-to source of material when I don't want to write or think too much. I begin with Seth Meyers' Trump Threatens Not to Leave White House on Inauguration Day: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at the president and his enablers continuing their attempt to end democracy just a month ahead of the end of the Trump administration.
"There are two things about this President and his enablers we should never forget: They tried to end democracy and they tried to get people sick." I second these thoughts. As for Donald Trump continuing to attract attention to himself during the next four years, I'll repeat what I wrote in 'Saturday Night Live' opens with a vaccine announcement and makes fun of election lawsuits and Space Force in a coronavirus holiday episode.
I'm afraid "nothing is ever over as long as Donald Trump can make money off of it" will come true. While "I'm looking forward to not having to pay attention to Donald Trump again,...wait[ing] until January 20, 2021 for that to be completely true" may not be enough. Sigh.
As for the Republican Party becoming an authoritarian movement, I first wrote that eight years ago. Sometimes, I wish I weren't an early adopter of an unpleasant truth.

Seth wasn't the only late night talk show host to talk about Trump refusing to leave office. Jimmy Kimmel's monologue last night was Trump Really Thinks He Can Stay in the White House.

The Northeast got hit by a huge snowstorm, Vice President Mike Pence plans to get the vaccine on television, Trump is floating the idea of refusing to leave office, the Mayor of Atlantic City is auctioning off a chance to blow up one of Trump’s former casinos, a list of COVID-themed baby names that will never see the light of day, a special gift from Jimmy & Guillermo, a holiday themed edition of Masking Questions, and Jimmy interviews 9-year-old Daniel & his mom Danielle from Brooklyn after seeing a very funny video of him cursing about the F**king lockdown.
The segment about the COVID-19 pandemic creating a baby bust reminds me of what I wrote on Small Business Saturday: "I hope Nine Month Bump succeeds where Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in a Pod failed." If the store does, it will be bucking the odds.

Since this was the last Jimmy Kimmel Live of the year, it reminded me that it's time to start posting retrospectives of the year. I'd like to save that until between Christmas and New Year. Let's see how long I can hold off. Until then, back to grading!


  1. THe orange pig has no where else to go. Nobody wants him. He has burned all his bridges.

    1. His neighbors in Palm Beach don't want him, either. I was about to go into that, but realized I had reached a natural stopping point.

  2. Lets hope the orange pig dies not start a war on the way out.

    1. Hey, K-Dog! Good to see you!

      That written, I hope not as well.