Saturday, December 19, 2020

Colbert, Corden, and Fallon run down 2020

I finished Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel take closer looks at Trump saying he won't leave the White House wondering if I could resist the pull of the end of 2020.
Since this was the last Jimmy Kimmel Live of the year, it reminded me that it's time to start posting retrospectives of the year. I'd like to save that until between Christmas and New Year. Let's see how long I can hold off.
It turns I couldn't, simply because two of my favorite late night talk show hosts, my other go-to source of material when I don't want to write or think too much, had their last shows of the year last night and opened with recaps of the year about to end.

Stephen Colbert Hosts "2020: The Year That Took Years, What A Clusterfond Look Back".

For his final monologue of 2020, Stephen Colbert recaps the year that brought us the clumsiest coup in history, a global pandemic, one of the most active hurricane seasons on record, a presidential election, and so much more. Join us for this epic trek down recent memory lane.
Colbert's show opened with another farewell to the year, which I'll embed at the end of the post. In the meantime, he mentioned the record setting Atlantic hurricane season, which I promised I might get to in Post-election pandemic update — 10 million total U.S. cases, record daily cases, COVID-19 vaccine, and transition team task force but haven't yet. That's still on my to-do list for this year, so be patient.

While Colbert looked at his top stories in some detail, James [Corden] Recaps 2020 in 3 Minutes, covered more stories in less time.

As we wrap up a year that most of us would like to largely forget, James Corden runs through a rapid-fire recap of 2020. It began normal with Parasite winning the Oscar and J. Lo rocking the Super Bowl halftime show, but took a turn when COVID-19 worked its way across the globe. And it only got more dramatic from there.
Wow, that zipped along! I wish I could say the same about 2020.

Not to be left out, The Tonight Show got into the act early with "2020: The Musical" Jimmy Fallon and Andrew Rannells Recap the Year with Broadway Songs last week, even though it wasn't the last show of the year.

Jimmy and Andrew Rannells recap the year 2020 through Broadway songs like "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, "Memory" from Cats and "My Shot" from Hamilton.
That's about as sentimental a sendoff as this year deserves.

I finish, as promised, with one more farewell to 2020 from Colbert and his writers, A Late Show's Holiday Message For 2020.

2020 was a year that everyone should erase from their memory... except for maybe if you saw that picture of Chris Evans.
With that, I have closed the circle on this entry, even though I'm far from done with this year. I'm also far from done with grading, so it's off to correcting more papers!

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