Thursday, December 31, 2020

Farewell to 2020 from Vox, TODAY, and CBS Sunday Morning on New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve! For the final post of 2020, I had a choice between two retrospective topics, a conventional look back at the year by news organizations or one of my traditions here, the year in Google search. I decided I could do both, as I found an entertainment angle for the year in Google search that I plan on using for Norther, which will be Sunday, while Vox uploaded 2020, in 7 minutes this morning. Since I haven't used Vox's year-end video since 2017, I think it's time I did so again.

Let’s close out 2020 by looking back at the moments that inspired us and changed us in a year unlike any other.
2020 changed everything. From the deadly Covid-19 pandemic to protests against systemic racism and police brutality, from changing global leadership to the effects of climate change, Vox explained the moments that mattered — and the ones that brought us joy.
NBC News had a longer retrospective focused more on the U.S. in Look Back At The Top News Headlines Of 2020 | TODAY.

From the coronavirus pandemic to the presidential election and fights for racial equality, Weekend TODAY looks back at some of the biggest breaking news headlines in 2020.
After watching both this video and Vox's, I realize how many people I didn't write obituary entries for, but probably should have. For all of them, I offer a moment of silence.

Finally, CBS Sunday Morning put together a briefer but paradoxically more leisurely examination of the year that is already ending on the other side of the planet in Look Back at 2020: Top news stories month-by-month.

Time for one last look at the leading headlines from an unprecedented year. Lee Cowan reports.
That covered fewer stories, but it did a good job of making sense of a chaotic year. May 2021 be a better year for my readers than 2020 was. See you then.

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