Wednesday, December 30, 2020

YouTube didn't rewind 2020, so WatchMojo did it for them

One of my traditions on this blog is to post YouTube's Rewind of the year. Unfortunately for the tradition, YouTube didn't create one. Fortunately, WatchMojo did. Watch 2020 YouTube Rewind: The Video YouTube Didn't Make.

Miss YouTube Rewind this year? In November, YouTube announced that they would not be making a YouTube Rewind for 2020. So we decided to make one for them... 2020 saw a TON of notable YouTube videos and trends including Among Us, Mr. Beast, WAP, Hacksmith's lightsaber build and the PS5 and Xbox Series X reveals! You're welcome YouTube. What was your favorite YouTube video of 2020?
I think that was better than the real thing last year.

WatchMojo followed up with Top 10 Best YouTube Channels of 2020.

These channels lit up the internet in 2020. For this list, we’ll be looking at some of YOUR favorite YouTube channels that you’ve been watching in 2020, chosen through our poll. Our countdown includes jacksfilms, penguinz0, MrBeast Gaming, and more! Did your favorite YouTube channel make the list? Let us know who it is and why you love them in the comments!
I only know about one of these channels, Oversimplified, but all of them look like fun. As I wrote in The top science stories of 2020 from Science Magazine, WatchMojo, SciShow, and 'Nova' on PBS, "I'm aware that WatchMojo and its sister channel MsMojo are premiere clickbait factories, [but] at least they produce high-quality, well-researched clickbait, so I'm going to keep using their videos." The two videos I featured today serve as good examples of that.

As for what would have made a real YouTube rewind, watch Top Trending Videos of 2020 (US) and Top Music Videos of 2020 (US). I did use the number three top trending video in the U.S. for 'SNL' lampoons the debate, Trump's COVID diagnosis, and Supreme Court nomination in season premiere after winning six Emmy Awards, but I haven't seen the rest of them. Maybe I should at least look at Some Good News with John Krasinski, who also showed up in WatchMojo's rewind of 2020. I've heard nothing but good things about Krasinski's videos.

Stay tuned for one more retrospective of 2020.

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