Monday, April 13, 2015

Garfield disapproves of Monday the 13th

Not only is today Apophis Day, it's also Monday the 13th.  The previous Monday the 13th also happened to be Canadian Thanksgiving, so that holiday got first billing, but Garfield the Cat's classic reaction to the date also made an appearance.  Since I'm an environmentalist, I've decided to recycle.

That's not all.  Here's one I could have used in 2012, when there was a Monday the 13th in February.

Finally, here's a reference to Friday the 13th that fits well with Alice Cooper for Friday the 13th.

That's supposed to be Garfield as a Samurai Pizza Cat.  I still think it looks like Garfield as Jason.

In any event, Happy Monday the 13th, or at least be happy the next Monday the 13th isn't until July!