Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I got my fresh air Friday and Saturday

Today's prompt asks "Do you feel like you get enough fresh air? If the answer is no, get outside after you write your post!"  The answer is that I got my fresh air Friday, when I walked to the store and back (I also got my hair cut and my new beard trimmed) and Saturday, when I mowed the lawn.  On Sunday, it rained, so I graded papers.  Monday, I spent most of the day indoors during the last day of classes.

Today, it's raining again, and I have piles of papers to correct and grades to calculate so that I can enter them today and tomorrow.  Between working at home and the weather, I'm not likely to be getting fresh air.  Maybe, if the rain lets up, I'll set up a table on the porch and work out there.  Maybe--hey, I have a badge for that!



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