Friday, August 2, 2013 article on Ann Arbor City Council endorsements

Stephen Kunselman, here pictured with his daughters Sophia and Sabrina, earned the endorsements of the Michigan Daily and this past week.
Credit: Kunselman for Council.
Michigan Daily endorses city council candidates
Michigan Daily, University of Michigan's student newspaper, announced its endorsements for Ann Arbor City Council on Wednesday.
In Ward 3, the student newspaper endorsed incumbent Stephen Kunselman over challenger Julie Grand, while in Ward 4, the editorial staff recommended Marcia Higgins over challenger Jack Eaton.
Michigan Daily followed the lead of, which also endorsed both incumbents on Friday, July 26th.
Michigan Daily's reasoning for their endorsements at the link.

I can't endorse candidates at, but I can report other outlets' endorsements.  In fact, I've come to specialize in it.

Stay tuned for coverage of these contests, as well as the millage elections in Ypsilanti Township, on Tuesday night.

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