Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday afternoon at the 2013 Dream Cruise from the Detroit News

As I promised, here are the Detroit News video reports from Saturday afternoon.

Tom Greenwood invited his viewers to come to the Dream Cruise in Dream Cruise afternoon report.

Classic cars thrive on Woodward

Despite the perfect weather and Greenwood's invitation, I didn't have the slightest urge to walk to Woodward, unlike years past.  As much of a success as my surgery was six months ago, I'm not quite at 100%.  Besides, I had other things to do, like correct papers (the end of the semester is at hand), put together Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (Egypt as Science Crime Scene), and play Rift with my wife.  Among all of those, seeing early cruising on Thursday  and Friday, and all the video reports I've watched, I think I got enough of the Dream Cruise experience this year.

Speaking of the Dream Cruise experience, Greenwood interviews Bob Petrusha and his car, Viagra.

Petrusha, 72, talks about his 1948 station wagon.

A Woody named Viagra?  Well, that shows that Petrusha both has a sense of humor and believes in truth in advertising.

Not all the classic car action is on the street.  Here is Lee Jones and his '68 Dodge Dart GTS in the parking lot at Woodward and 13 Mile.

The world's biggest Cleveland Cavaliers' fan comes to the Woodward Dream Cruise.
I liked both Jones and his Dart more than Petrusha and his Woody.

Just like the morning report, the afternoon report concludes with one of the side shows, Mustang Alley remote control racing.

This just goes to show that there really is not difference between men and boys but the size and price of their toys.

Unless and until WXYZ posts a video of its Saturday Evening broadcast, that's it for the 2013 Dream Cruise.

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