Saturday, August 17, 2013

Enbridge denied extension on clean-up, sued by Bell's

Enbridge isn't only having trouble with protesters who are climbing into pipes and chaining themselves to equipment.  The company is having trouble with the EPA.  WOOD-TV posted two segments about that development to their YouTube channel yesterday.  The first gives an overview and mentions the replacement of the pipeline that leaked in 2010.

The second has more detail, including location shots and reaction shots from the people living near the cleanup.

That's not the only trouble Enbridge is having with the project.  MLive reported last month that Bell's Brewery filed a lawsuit against Enbridge and Comstock Commerce Park developer over dredging plans.
The Bell's lawsuit, filed Monday in Kalamazoo County Circuit Court, says the planned dredging will "release pollution, hazardous substances, odor, dust and particulate" which could negatively impact brewery operations.

The complaint alleges Enbridge violated condominium covenants by failing to submit a site plan application before installing equipment. It also alleges that CCP, as developer of the commerce park, violated the Michigan Condominium Act by failing to disclose to the condominium association its intent to lease property to Enbridge.

Larry Bell, founder and president of Bell's Brewery, has met with EPA official about his concerns and spoke out against the dredging plans at a township meeting.

"The EPA doesn’t know what is in the sediment," Bell said July 9. "They don’t know what they are dredging up. They are going to put it next to my brewery and they don’t know what contaminants are there."
Messing with people's beer is like messing with their entertainment.  It's guaranteed to make them act.

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