Saturday, August 24, 2013

Carolina Crown wins with Einstein on the Beach

Time to recycle.
As dedicated readers of this blog might know, I was involved with drum corps for four decades and can't even get away from the topic here, especially when The Activity (yes, that's what the participants call it) intersects with sustainability, science fiction, disasters (real or imagined), or holidays (including fake ones).  I've stumbled over yet another example of drum corps exploring a science fiction theme.
This time, I present Carolina Crown's 2013 Victory Run of their show "E=mc2."

Carolina Crown's victory run after winning the DCI 2013 World Class Championship.
This show fits my criteria for inclusion both because of its scientific content and its indirect reference to a work of post-apocalyptic literature.  In addition to Einstein's famous equation, the drill features an infinity symbol, a sine wave, a water molecule and two spiral galaxies.  That's geeky enough for me.  Also, the bulk of the show consists of selections from Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach, a reference to Nevil Shute's post-nuclear-war novel, "On the Beach."  This post may be a celebration instead my usual mourning-in-advance, but it's still a warning.  As I've written before about both drum corps and drum corps videos, enjoy them while they last.

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