Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hot: Storms usher in heat wave for month's end

It's time to take a break from climate change to examine a related topic, weather.  Despite the generally mild temperatures most of the season, summer is ending here just like it began and again in July, with a heat wave.  WXYZ has the forecast for Detroit through Labor Day in Warm, Muggy & Damp Start.

It's even warmer down south in Toledo, as WNWO reports in Heat and humidity return as we head into the weekend.

Heat isn't the only way that summer is going out with a bang here.  Last night, winds knocked down trees to the northwest.  WXYZ shows its viewers how badly in Storms cause damage in Brighton area.

People in Genoa Township are cleaning up after storms caused major damage to the area's trees.
I used to shop in Genoa Township while living in Whitmore Lake and working in Howell, so this hits home for me.  I'm glad my wife and I only got rain, as we've had enough of this kind of weather this summer already.

That's it for the weather report.  Stay tuned, as I'll have more climate news tomorrow.  In the meantime, stay cool!

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