Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saturday at the 2013 Dream Cruise from WXYZ

I ended Friday at the 2013 Dream Cruise with the following program note.
And that was Friday, as covered by WXYZ.  I'll have least one more post tomorrow about Dream Cruise and probably another on Sunday.
When I wrote that, I didn't realize that tomorrow was Sunday.  I should have written tomorrow and Monday.  That would have made more sense.

Just the same, I'll have to hurry to put out a post before Sunday turns into a pumpkin at midnight.  Here goes.

WXYZ began their coverage yesterday morning with Nima Shaffe in Royal Oak.

Nima's 8am live shot

Nima continued in the next hour and had a great time.

Nima's 9am live shot

After all the fluff, WXYZ asks a serious question, Should the Dream Cruise be extended to Detroit?

If Detroit's Chief of Police says yes, and he can get the next Mayor behind him, the answer will be yes, if not next year, then eventually.

Finally, here's a segment from the evening broadcast, Hoppin' rides down Woodward Avenue in the 2013 Dream Cruise.

Yes, it's a piece of manufactured fluff, but it's fun fluff.  Besides, it's not like I'm surprised by WXYZ doing things like this.  At least it's not a dancing flash mob.

And that's it for WXYZ's coverage that the station posted to its YouTube Channel.  They might get around to posting their entire evening broadcast, but that might not be until December or January.  If so, I'll be sure to post it.

I have one more Dream Cruise entry featuring coverage from the Detroit News.  Stay tuned.

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