Sunday, August 25, 2013

The corner station finished its retreat

I finished The corner station is making an orderly retreat with a prediction.
[On] Tuesday...the corner station repeated its pattern from the past few weeks and raised its prices, this time to $3.69.  At the same time, the three stations down the street actually dropped their prices to $3.45.  This was an unstable situation that usually leads to the stations either meeting in the middle or the corner station retreating.  The result so far has been retreat.  On Thursday, the corner station lowered its price to $3.65.  Today, it dropped more to $3.59.  All this time, the three stations down the street have held firm at $3.45.  I expect the corner station to continue its retreat over the weekend.
Today, the corner station is selling regular at $3.45.  Retreat over.  I expect the price to hold through Tuesday, when the corner station charges into No Man's Land again.  It might take the nearby stations with it this time, as Econobrowser shows the closing price of Brent crude to be $111.04, which translates to an expect price at the pump of $3.61.  That's slightly above the national average of $3.57 and the Detroit average of $3.59, which has risen 10 cents in one week and 15 cents in two weeks.  At 14 cents below the regional average, it might be a good idea to fill up while the price lasts.

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