Sunday, August 11, 2013

A week of sharks, hurricanes, and geeks

I acknowledged the news I was ignoring and promised to catch up with it in I know, let's blame the aliens!
There's lots to blog about from the past 24 hours, but I'm not quite up to writing about any of it just yet.  I took my biodiversity students out to do an ecology lab in the outdoors (until last week, I had no idea there were 70+ acres of beech-maple forest only a mile and a half from where I teach), and all that walking around in the fresh air tired me out.  So, instead of writing about the Detroit mayoral primary elections, the kickoff event of Dream Cruise, finding another climate change story, or writing about one of the three special programming weeks (Geek Week on YouTube, Hurricane Week on The Weather Channel, or Shark Week on Discovery Channel), I present the following pair of odd stories that aren't hot, but connect.
I promise to write about all the topics that I mentioned above later, although one of them might be redundant.  It's always Geek Week here at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.
Last night, I finally got around to posting about some of them in Shark Week, Hurricane Week, Geek Week, the tip jar to Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast) on Daily Kos.  Follow over the jump for what I had to say.

This past week, three services have had special weeks of programming, Shark Week on Discovery Channel, Hurricane Week on The Weather Channel, and Geek Week on YouTube.  The original is Shark Week on Discovery Channel, so here are the hosts of DNews on YouTube with 3 Shark Myths Debunked.

So many things you think you know about sharks are WRONG! Anthony and Laci team up to debunk three common myths about these toothy predators.
The Weather Channel goes out of its way to mock Shark Week in Follow Amazing Natural Disasters on "Hurricane Week."

Hurricane season is here on The Weather Channel. Check out footage of nature's deadliest force during Hurricane Week. Tune in Monday, August 5 to Sunday, August 11 to follow Mother Nature's toughest storms and view real hurricane footage...
YouTube ignores Shark Week althogether in YouTube Geek Week, coming August 4 - 10.

I don't need a special week.  Here on Science Saturday, it's always Geek Week.
Before I move on to the Detroit primary elections and Dream Cruise, I present a bonus video from Buzzfeed, Why Science Fiction Is Science Fact.

Ever wonder where some of our greatest inventions and scientific ideas came from? Check out these innovations that came straight from Science Fiction.
We are indeed living in science fiction times.

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