Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday morning at the 2013 Dream Cruise from the Detroit News

I'll have to correct my program note at the end of Saturday at the 2013 Dream Cruise from WXYZ.
I have one more Dream Cruise entry featuring coverage from the Detroit News.  Stay tuned.
I looked at the videos and there are too many for a single entry, even if they are short.  Instead, I'll post a batch from the morning and another from the afternoon.

Here's the best video to use for an introduction for Saturday morning's cruising, Tom Greenwood reporting from behind the wheel.

Rolling down Woodward

Yes, the weather was perfect for crusing.  I could not imagine better conditions.

Next, here's someone who adds new meaning to the term "gearhead": Dream Cruise fanatic.

Dave Findlay of Goodells, Mich., sports a custom-made costume for Cruise day.
His costume was such a big hit, he got on the cover of the Sunday Free Press.

The events around Dream Cruise can be a show in themselves.  Here's one of them, Freestyle MX at Dream Cruise.

Monster Energy bikers take to the skies.

I've seen the jumping motorcyclists in action before, and they're every bit as spectacular as Greenwood describes.

Finally, here are two videos of the cars driving by.

13 Mile and the Avenue in Royal Oak.

Cars roll in Royal Oak.

I'll have the afternoon report later to conclude coverage of Dream Cruise--for now.

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