Friday, August 16, 2013

The gas price bounced in time for Dream Cruise

In Gas drops again and makes news I reported a price drop and then my action based on lack of confidence that it would last.
Last Thursday, the corner station lowered its price to $3.39, back where it was at the end of June.  Today, it was still selling gas at that price, along with the three stations down the street.  On the way home, I filled up my tank, since I didn't know how long the price will stay down...
That was Monday.  On Tuesday, the corner station jacked its price up to $3.65 for regular, while the three stations down the street were still at $3.39.  On Wednesday, the corner station dropped its price to $3.49 and the three stations down the street matched it.  That's where the prices remained on Thursday evening.  Just the same, I'm glad I filled up on Monday.  I was right not to be confident that the price would stay low.

One of these days, I might be able to laugh at gas stations and gas prices the way the WXYZ reporter does in his all-electric smart car ride.

How appropriate that he test-drove the car in Ann Arbor.  It wouldn't have been the same driving it down Woodward.  After all, a Smart Car isn't a Volt.

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