Thursday, August 29, 2013

Videos for my environmental science class from Discovery News

Today is the first day of classes at the college where I teach.  To mark this occasion, here are two videos on topics I lecture on in environmental science from Discovery News, both of which I've included in this month's Overnight News Digests on Daily Kos.

First, I present Making Invasive Species Work For Us.

What happens when a nefarious bug threatens valuable California citrus crops? Unleash a swarm of foreign parasitic wasps to kick the little bug's butt! Trace explains how this is gonna work, and tells stories of what other invasive species are up to around the world.
Not only do I lecture on invasive species, I tie that topic into that of biological controls of crop pests.  This video might work well for that.

Next, here's When Earth Can't Produce Enough Food.

Us modern-day humans require a lot of food to keep us going, and we're craving more than ever. But as the world population continues its inevitable march upwards, the question must be asked: What happens when the planet is no longer able to keep up?
I lecture on food production right after I lecture on population.  This video might make a good transition.

I'll have an entry on climate change after I return home.  Until then, I'm off to teach.  See you all later!

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