Friday, August 23, 2013

The corner station is making an orderly retreat

When I reported that the gas price bounced in time for Dream Cruise, I noted an episode of price stability.
That was Monday.  On Tuesday, the corner station jacked its price up to $3.65 for regular, while the three stations down the street were still at $3.39.  On Wednesday, the corner station dropped its price to $3.49 and the three stations down the street matched it.  That's where the prices remained on Thursday evening.
That's also where they remained until Tuesday, when the corner station repeated its pattern from the past few weeks and raised its prices, this time to $3.69.  At the same time, the three stations down the street actually dropped their prices to $3.45.  This was an unstable situation that usually leads to the stations either meeting in the middle or the corner station retreating.  The result so far has been retreat.  On Thursday, the corner station lowered its price to $3.65.  Today, it dropped more to $3.59.  All this time, the three stations down the street have held firm at $3.45.  I expect the corner station to continue its retreat over the weekend.

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