Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An 'Out of This World' drum corps show

The competitive junior drum corps season begins tonight in Indianapolis.  To mark the occasion, I'm sharing the show from last year with the strongest science-fiction theme, Carolina Crown, who performed "Out of this World."  If the group looks familiar, it's because they were the stars of Carolina Crown wins with Einstein on the Beach, which I posted after they won the DCI Championship in 2013.

First, here's a full show from a rehearsal early in the season, Carolina Crown 2014 - Out of This World - Full Show.

This video is a full run-through of Carolina Crown's 2014 show, Out of This World. This was recorded June 26, 2014 in Muncie, Indiana at Scheumann Stadium at Ball State University.
Next, the official promo clip from Drum Corps International, 2014 Carolina Crown - Out of This World.

This show reminds me that the end of spaceflight is a sign of the end of progress, but at least we're still dreaming about it in our art.

Enough looking back.  Follow over the jump for this year's music.

I found the following shows from this year's repertoires showcasing music from speculative fiction.
7th Regiment: The Labyrinth - Selections from Hunger Games * Selections from Pan's Labyrinth * Selections from The Matrix * Battle Music
Blue Devils B: Prismatic - Luminosity * The Analog Kid * Now You See Me * You Know Where To Find Me * I Am The Doctor
Boston Crusaders: Conquest - Games of Thrones * Conquest from Captain from Castille * Palladio * Take What is Ours from Assassin's Creed 4 * 5 Variants from Dives & Lazarus * The Battle from Gladiator * Original Music  
Incognito: Planet Incognito - World of Incognitians * Mars (from The Planets) * Jupiter (from The Planets)
Les Stentors: Tale of the Tales - Selections from Star Trek * Selections from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory * Selections from Alice in Wonderland * Romeo and Juliette
Music City: In the Stars - Mars from The Planets * Venus from The Planets * Jupiter from The Planets
The Cavaliers: Game On - Fetes from Nocturnes * Macrotus from Batman Begins * Fantasie Brillante from On The Shoulders of Giants
Vanguard Cadets: On Cloud Nine - Life (from Prometheus) * Awakening (from On Cloud Nine) * Girl with the Plums (from Perfume) * Big Hero Six
Out of all of theme, I'm most anticipating Boston Crusaders playing the theme from Game of Thrones.  Here's to them not disappointing me.

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