Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lasers and drones vs. planes, a 21st crime scene

This past weekend, I saw two stories on ABC News that the network thought made a good pairing, drones and lasers both interfering with commercial aviation over New York City.  Here's the first report, Air Scare: Lasers Pose a Safety Threat to Pilots.

3,000 laser incidents last year; Homeland Security voices concern over pointing lasers at cockpits.
That story from Friday gave a brief mention of a near-collision with a drone and made it look like it might be an isolated incident.  It turns out it wasn't, as  was made clear in Saturday morning's Drone Crosses Path of Passenger Jet Over New York City.

FAA investigates what a drone was doing so close to the LaGuardia Airport-bound flight.
It's bad enough that one of these is happening, but both at the same time is a connection New Yorkers don't need.

In other drone news, Ferndale's possible drone ban didn't happen.  The Detroit Free Press reported on April 27th, Ferndale drops proposal to make drone flying a crime.
Ferndale officials passed up the chance Monday night to keep hobbyists, professional photographers and at least one chimney sweep from flying drones in the city.

After hearing from nearly two dozen polite but incensed users of the small plastic unmanned flying machines at a City Council meeting, Ferndale officials made it clear: Their plan to make a misdemeanor out of flying a drone anywhere but in your own backyard wasn't getting off the ground.
Ferndale will wait for the FAA to set regulations.  I think that's wise.

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