Monday, June 1, 2015


After skipping a Nablopomo entry last month (the monthly meta didn't count), Nablopomo as the first post of the month returns.  To celebrate, here's the blurb from the email for the first time since January.
The moment between having a great idea and executing the first steps is maybe even more exciting than completing the project.

Take, for instance, a book idea. That moment when the idea comes to me, and I can't write fast enough to get it all down to when I actually sit down and write the first page is the best feeling. I'm walking around with a secret world or situation inside my head, and I love it.

And then I have to actually write the book. And that takes work. A lot of work. And then I have to sell the book and edit the book and... well... there are about 3000 steps before I get to hold my book in my hands. And while that part rocks, too, that moment when I'm readying my mind for the journey is what keeps me going so I can get to that finish line. I mean, how else do you keep sitting down at the computer to write unless you can channel into how excited you were back before you started?

That getting started period? That's what we're focusing on with this month's NaBloPoMo.

You can read more about the new NaBloPoMo theme on our opening post.
Follow over the jump for the relevant parts of that post.

Time to state the theme and restate the message.
So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month?


Whenever I hear the words "ready, set, go," I think about the massive, neighbourhood-wide games of hide-and-go-seek we used to play in summer. The seeker would shout, "ready, set, go," and then close her eyes and start counting. I remember the anxiety pulsing in my stomach as I raced towards a hiding spot.

But underneath all that anxiety was the excitement: would this be the round that I won? Because that's the thing about starting points: you never know how things will end. Which means that before you begin, everything is still coloured with the happy hue of anticipation.

Once you get going, you may encounter roadblocks and/or success. But right now, as you ready your body and mind to jump into the next! big! thing!... well, it's all just excitement and energy.
This theme reminds me of several others, January 2012's Beginnings for its sense of starting things, July 2013's Connect for going places, and June 2012's Jump for its feeling of action.  All of those would be good things to explore again this month.  As for the prompts, they look like fun, but I probably won't use them unless it's a slow blogging day and I don't feel like I want to write about DOOM.  That combination isn't likely.
Sign up for June's NaBloPoMo and get ready to blast off into the next big thing.
I did that so early this blog is the second one on the blogroll.

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