Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Drinks to celebrate 'Jurassic World's box office records

I promised an update in passing in 'Jurassic World' devours competition at the box office.
Deadline Hollywood shared this bit of gossip: "Some B.O. pundits say that by the time Sunday is called, JW could actually rip Avengers‘ leotards off and become the reigning all-time U.S. opening champ."  I'll check back in a couple of days to see if that comes true.
I didn't even have to wait that long, as Reuters reported yesterday 'Jurassic World' scores biggest box office opening in history.
Dinosaurs stomped to a box office record over the weekend as "Jurassic World" notched the biggest movie debut in history, with a global total of $524.1 million, Universal Pictures said on Monday.

"Jurassic World," which reboots the dormant "Jurassic Park" franchise nearly 15 years after the first trilogy ended, grossed $208.8 million at the North American box office, topping the $207.4 million record set by "Avengers" in 2012.

At the international box office, "Jurassic World" opened to $315.3 million, exceeding the previous $314 million record set by "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in 2011.
Time to combine this update with my promise to post "drink recipes for two of the weekend's top five at the box office."  Follow over the jump for "Jurassic World" drink recipes from Tipsy Bartender and elsewhere.

First, Skyy and Inna present Jurassic World Cocktail.

Check out this crazy mix... JURASSIC WORLD COCKTAIL!! This drink is loaded with wild layers and is absolutely delicious - you've GOT to try this!!
1 oz (30 ml) Jagermeister
1/2 oz (15 ml) Brown Sugar and Bourbon Simple Syrup
2 oz (60 ml) Lime Jello
1/2 oz (15 ml) Lemon Juice
1 oz (30 ml) Vodka
1/2 oz (15 ml) Sour Apple Pucker
Splash of Sprite
1 oz (30 ml) Heavy Whipping Cream
Green Food Coloring
Pineapple Leaves
I agree with Inna.  For once, Skyy is crazier than she is.

Tipsy Bartender isn't alone in concocting drinks inspired by the movie.  Nerd Bar has a recipe for Through the Jungle Sour.

2/3 oz (20 mL, 1 tbsp + 1 tsp) Key (bartender’s) lime juice
1 tbsp superfine sugar
1 Jigger (2 oz, or 60mL) total dry gin (Bombay Sapphire East used here) + Douglas Fir Eau de Vie (Clear Creek used here), recommended ratio 1 oz (2tbsp) gin + 1 oz  (2tbsp) eau de vie
1 lime wheel notch-cut for garniture


Chill a 6 oz goblet
Add lime juice, sugar, and jigger of gin and fir eau-de-vie to metal mixing tin
2/3 fill tin with ice, seal, and shake for 20s
Double strain with both Hawthorne strainer on top of tin and fine tea strainer into goblet
Garnish with lime wheel
Finally, Crave Online has five drink recipes with names such as The Clever Girl, Dilophosaurus Venom, Fossil Fuel, The Hybrid, and Flock This Way.  I'm posting just one of them.
Fossil Fuel

We’ve learned more in the past decade from flavored vodkas than a century of combining vodka with juices; and now, a whole new frontier of alcoholic beverages is upon us. This ain’t your grandpa’s drink, we’ve upped the ante with a twist of SVEDKA’s Citron and Raspberry vodkas to create a cocktail that’s sure to get any old bag of bones moving faster than a T-Rex (which we clocked at 32 miles per hour).


1 part SVEDKA Citron
1 part SVEDKA Raspberry
½ part triple sec
½ part simple syrup
½ part fresh lime juice
Dash celery bitters
Splash grapefruit juice
Splash club soda

Combine SVEDKA Citron, SVEDKA Raspberry, triple sec, lime juice, simple syrup, and bitters in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a Collins glass. Top with grapefruit juice and club soda. Garnish with a lemon, lime, and orange wedge.
For the rest, surf over to Crave Online.

As for the recipe for "Insidious, Chapter 3," stay tuned.