Monday, June 8, 2015

WXYZ finds local angle on data breach

I promised reports on cyberwarfare as waged by ISIS AKA The Sith Jihad, China, and Russia in the footnote to National Donut Day 2015.  I took care of the first in Sith Jihad's use of social media a double-edged sword.  Now it's time to see how the junior partner in The CoDominion treats its senior partner.  WXYZ found the local angle to the story, beginning with Hackers target US government.

Hackers reportedly from China have targeted nearly every branch of the US government.
Follow over the jump for China's response as well as what you can do about cybercrime.

WXYZ passed along China's response, which was to insult the accusation as a roundabout way of denying it, and then interview Mr. Dungy again in , where he explains what the viewers can do about the situation.

When governments do this, it's cyberintelligence and if it causes damage, it's cyberwarfare.  When individuals or private organizations do the same thing, it's cybercrime.  That's what appears to be going on in Phishing attack at University of Michigan.

Police are investigating a phishing attack at the University of Michigan.
It's not cyberwarfare, but from the perspective of the person at the keyboard, it looks the same.  Speaking of "looking the same," this clip brought together the reporter of the first clip and one of the anchors in the second, closing a circle.  I like that.

Of course, with one circle closed, another opens.  The cartoon suggests to me that I should also examine American cyber-snooping in the wake of the passing of the USA Freedom Act--after I write about the Russians.

As for the rest of you, stay safe online.  It's a risky world out there.

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